About us

The Australian Film Societies Federation (AFSF) helps you start and run a film society or group. The Federation provides a range of benefits which include:

The AFSF is currently made up of  56 member societies across Australia. The AFSF evolved out of the Federation of NSW and Associated Film Societies, an organisation which was formed to help film societies in 1947.

What is a film society?

The AFSF’s Executive Committee is elected by delegates from members of the Federation every year at an AGM. These experience and informed volunteers are responsible to the membership and dedicated to helping you start and run a film society.

Through this website, the Federation provides more information about starting and running a film society or group than any other organisation in Australia. We show you how to start a film society, Including a step by step guide. This website gives you an explanation of the complicated rules covering screening rights and copyright, a list of film distributors and details of The Non-Theatrical Lending collection of the National Film and Sound Archive.

For the latest breaking news and information that is regularly updated (and to get in touch with other film societies) please go to our Facebook Page the Australian Film Societies Live Facebook Page.

If you want to start a film society then please contact us and we will tell you what you need to know.



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