Our Facebook page is Live

Here’s the news for today. Our Facebook page: Australian Film Societies LIVE is up and waiting for you to check it out by clicking on the following link:


Those of you who are regular users of Facebook will know how it works. Our next step is to gather ‘likes’ and ’friends’. We would like you to recommend the page to your members and their friends, who will also ‘like’ or ‘friend’ the page, so that before you know it our concerns about the lending collection will be heard in the right places.

Following yesterday’s mailout, we received some really good information (thank you A) about making advance bookings with NFSA. Please note the following and commit to memory: you can book up to 15 months ahead. That’s right, 15 months. So if everyone starts making bookings now and keeps making them, we might be able to extend the mooted stay of execution further than we first thought. Of course that’s not going to solve the funding problem. But it is something practical we can all do fairly easily.


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