Public liability Insurance for your Film Society

  Public Liability Insurance is an issue for many film groups and societies. Many venues won’t let you screen there unless your group is covered by public liability insurance. Many film societies don’t need public liability insurance but prefer to get it in order to protect themselves from very expensive legal claims. Your venue may […]

Insurance for Federation members

The federation’s film insurance scheme is now in place. This is an extraordinary benefit to members who would otherwise have to pay enormous premiums, or stop screening film altogether. It is very simple and works as follows: 1. Eligibility: If you screen film, your membership of the Federation will entitle you to cover for any claim […]

Film Insurance

The new film insurance scheme is taking shape and should be ready by the time the projectors start rolling early in the New Year. The big problem is how we strike a balance between being a mutual support group, and making sure our funds are properly protected. We have prepared a draft product disclosure statement, […]

The Australian Film Societies Federation – Site Map Draft

The Australian Film Societies Federation can be found at this website address This website reflects the desire of the Federation to help every film society in Australia. This is something that we talk about on our About the Federation page We hope that everyone will contact the Australian Film Societies Federation and ask […]


President’s Report on the 2016 Annual General Meeting Delegates to the AGM discussed the following: 1. Our recent increase in members. 2. The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of the Federation website. 3. How we intend to use our website to publicise members. 4. The digitisation of membership renewal, email, changing group details and supplying our list […]


President’s Report on the 2015 Annual General Meeting We all enjoyed the 2015 Australian Film Societies Federation  (AFSF) AGM, in between the screenings offered by local Canberra film societies the Reel McCoy Film Group and the ANU Film Group, we got significant work done to improve the Federation and we identified what we want to accomplish in the […]

How to start a film society in 10 steps

Now that you know what a film society is and you have thought about all the activities involved including an understanding of screening rights (and we have pointed out the benefits that the AFSF can offer)… You want to start your own film society. So, here is what you do. 1. Get together with others who will help (the Committee) No […]

Things to think about when starting a film society

So you want to start a film society? People want to start film societies for all sorts of reasons. Here are a few: They would like to see films that aren’t screened at their local cinema (eg foreign language films and older films in all languages) They love films, but getting to a cinema involves […]

Where to get films for your film society

Film Societies tend to get their films in two ways. Australian Film Distributors They contact a film distributor and ask for permission to screen a film, using either a DVD that they own or a DVD that the distributor will rent out, If a film society can demonstrate to a distributor that it is not-for-profit, subscription […]