Public liability Insurance for your Film Society


Public Liability Insurance is an issue for many film groups and societies. Many venues won’t let you screen there unless your group is covered by public liability insurance. Many film societies don’t need public liability insurance but prefer to get it in order to protect themselves from very expensive legal claims.

Your venue may already have public liability insurance that will cover you, so ask them. If your group or society is part of a larger organisation, they may have public liability insurance that will cover you as welldouble-indemnity-poster-1.

If you are not covered and you want to be, finding suitable public liability insurance can be difficult. Most insurance policies are not designed for small non-profit groups and can be very expensive.

If you need to get public liability insurance contact the Federation.  We have researched the insurance market and are able to recommend an insurance company that offers public liability insurance to film groups and societies at the most reasonable rate.

Contact the Australian Film Societies Federation