AFSF Privacy Policy

The Australian Film Societies Federation manages information consistent with The Privacy Act (1988) , which sets out a number of principles concerning the privacy of individuals.

Collection of  information

The Federation collects information for three reasons:

  1. To ensure that all member organisations are following the rules that define an organisation as being a film society.
  2. To  enable the Federation’s Executive Committee to represent it’s members.
  3. To enable the Federation to provide details to Australian film distributors verifying that our members are film societies and qualify for a film society discount.

Sharing of information

Members of the Federation are asked for information concerning their venue, their frequency of screening and someone’s contact details for further inquiries.

The Federation would prefer to use this information to promote it’s members but will only do so if permission to share these details is given by that film society.

The AFSF will ask for two different types of permission. That:

  1. It will be shared with a third party only for the pupose of promoting the film society.
  2. It will be included in the film society’s listing on the AFSF website.

Please contact the Federation for further information.