President’s Report on the 2015 Annual General Meeting

We all enjoyed the 2015 Australian Film Societies Federation  (AFSF) AGM, in between the screenings offered by local Canberra film societies the Reel McCoy Film Group and the ANU Film Group, we got significant work done to improve the Federation and we identified what we want to accomplish in the upcoming year (See below).

The highlight of the 2015 AGM was our Guest Speaker, Andrew Pike. Andrew was the consultant who wrote the review of the Lending collection for the NFSA, is the patron of Lithgow Film Society (one of our members), has been a member of film groups for decades and head organiser of the Canberra International Film Festival.

For all Federation members who couldn’t send delegates to the AGM, we are able to present a video of his talk. I recommend you take the time to watch it. It is an persuasive call for all film societies to change, adapt and stay relevant.


Results of the 2015 AGM

  • As well as deciding to start posting videos of the AGM’s guest speakers we have altered the constitution so that delegates can attend remotely.
  • Three committee members have retired; Bryan Putt, Megan Findlayson and Michael Lines-Kelly. They have been replaced by Theresa Huxtable, David Hogan and Henry Fitzgerald.
  • Due to the retirement of Michael Limes-Kelly, The AFSF will no longer distribute Infilm the AFSF Bulletin. Information will be sent to members via email instead.
  • Enrollment of members, treasurer functions and liaising with distributors will be examined with an eye to use ICT to make the work easier and more efficient.
  • Efforts will be made to increase the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of both the Federation’s website and the websites of member societies.
  • Roadshow has requested that the AFSF supply information on the exact number of members each film society or group has rather than providing a number range. Procedures for requesting this information will be put in place before membership renewals are due in July 2016.
  • The NFSA no longer requires film societies to have film handling insurance in order to use their lending collection but since they are holding film societies financially responsible for any items that get lost or damaged The insurance that the AFSF offers  is as important as ever and will not be significantly altered. You can find information about our AFSF Film Handling Insurance here


2015 AFSF AGM Minutes