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Welcome to the Australian Film Society Federation Website. It aims to tell you everything you need to know about running a film society and to tell the world about you.

Every film society in the Federation has been given an entry on this site, none of them are perfect. Due to privacy concerns I didn’t include personal contact details that weren’t already on the internet.

But if you don’t like your entry I will change it.  Send your changes to me, either through the Tell us your program page  or (if you want to include photos) by emailing me directly on: president afsf @ gmail. com

I would like to thank Jonathan Sykes of the Deerubbin Dangar Island film society for his help with setting up this website. I though that it was great that two film societies can work together and swap information over a distance of 340 km, I hope this website will continue in the same way.

Please explore the site, You can subscribe for updates if you want to, and we would appreciate it if you could post links to us but most importantly, please leave comments. We want to hear from you. To start with give me your comment now. Just click on the “leave a reply” in the top left corner.  What do you want from this website? How do you want to use it?

Film Insurance

The new film insurance scheme is taking shape and should be ready by the time the projectors start rolling early in the New Year. The big problem is how we strike a balance between being a mutual support group, and making sure our funds are properly protected. We have prepared a draft product disclosure statement, and all members who screen films are invited to participate in the process. So if you are screening 35mm or 16mm film, please let us know and we’ll send you a copy of the draft.