President’s Report on the 2016 Annual General Meeting

Delegates to the AGM discussed the following:
1. Our recent increase in members.
2. The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of the Federation website.
3. How we intend to use our website to publicise members.
4. The digitisation of membership renewal, email, changing group details and supplying our list of members to distributors.
5.  Adding information to the website about public liability insurance and how to get it.

The Committee announced that the Federation is trialing the provision of legal aid for member groups. The Federation has bought a year’s subscription to the Arts Law Centre of Australia. This entitles the Federation to two document reviews and five legal advices over the phone. 

Our Guest Speaker was Simon Foster. Simon is a DVD reviewer for Radio 2UE’s George & Paul Show, the host of The Fish Bowl Film Show on ABC 92.5FM Central Coast and presents a weekly film review segment on ABC-FM Statewide. 

Simon encouraged the delegates to offer their views and it developed into an interesting conversation on the things that film societies can do to increase their attendance. For all Federation members who couldn’t send delegates to the AGM, we are able to present a video of his talk below:


Here are the Official Minutes of the Australian Film Societies Federation Annual General Meeting:

AFSF – 2016 AGM Minutes