President’s Report on the 2021 Annual General Meeting

Delegates to the AGM discussed the following

1. How great it was to be able to meet in person again. Delegates discussed their plans to resume screenings and hoped that the lockdowns and canceled screenings were a thing of the past.

2. The President reported that the information about Australian film distributors continues to be the most popular and useful information provided on the AFSF Website. Plans were discussed to improve the website with new information

3. The President gave the delegates the names of the 11 film societies that had joined the Federation in the last 12 months. He informed the meeting that this brings total membership of the Federation to 74 groups.

4. The Treasurer reported that the Federation lost money from our operating budget due to not collecting fees for the 2020/21 financial year and the 2021/22 financial year but the Federation was financially sound with over $18,000 dollars in assets.

AGM Guest Speaker

Our Guest Speaker was Jedd Bishop. Jedd is in charge of the Non Theatrical Lending Collection (NTLC) at the National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA). The NTLC is an important resource for every film society or group because it offers cheap films to screen in an easy accessible way. Jedd gave an overview of the NTLC, what he does to help film groups and answered questions provided by Federation members.

For all Federation members who couldn’t send delegates to the AGM, we are able to present a video of his talk below: