What is a Film Society or Film Club

What is a Film Society or Film Club?

A film society (or a film club or film group) is a non-profit cultural organisation formed to encourage the appreciation of cinema both as an art and as a medium of information and education. A film society encourages the appreciation of cinema by showing films, discussing them and supplying its members with information about cinema.

The five criteria a film society must meet:

  1. You have to be a not-for-profit organisation.
  2. You have members and screenings are for members only.
  3. You do not charge for entry to single screenings at the door.
  4. You have an organising committee that (at a minimum) consists of a president, secretary and treasurer, along with two other committee members.
  5. Film screenings are held in an enclosed area where only members can see them.

What is the Australian Film Society Federation

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