16mm Projectionist’s Manual

Welcome to the 2013 Edition of the 16mm Projectionist’s Manual.

This manual is a compilation of information that every projectionist needs to get started and keep going.

It is designed mainly for people who are not used to working with film or projectors, but also as a reference for more experienced operators.

The content is arranged so that as you proceed you will cover the material in more or less the order in which things happen in practice.

The technical information in this part is basic and generic, so if you run into a problem you may need to refer to your particular projector’s handbook or a technical manual (part 4 and 5 of the manual). If you do, please contact us. We have a very wide range.

Start Here

Chapter 1. Film 2013

Chapter 2. How it works 2013

Chapter 3. Procedures 2013

Chapter 4. Competencies 2013

Chapter 5. Troubleshooting 2013

Chapter 6. Do this_ Don’t do that 2013

Chapter 7. Preventive maintenance 2013

Chapter 8. Resources 2013


Miscellaneous Information

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