Australian Film Distributors

The following is a list of commercial distributors who supply DVDs and sometimes 16mm film to all film societies at the discounted rate.

No list is perfect, so if we have missed any or the details need to be updated, please contact us.

The email addresses have been written with spaces in order to fool the Spam Bots.


Roadshow Entertainment is the biggest distributor in Australia. They are agents for the following companies:

  • 20th Century Fox
  • Becker
  • Bonsai Films
  • Buena Vista
  • Dendy
  • DreamWorks
  • Entertainment One
  • Footprint
  • Hopscotch
  • Hoyts Distribution
  • Icon
  • Magna
  • MGM
  • Miramax
  • Newvision
  • Palace Films
  • Paramount (Includes some transmission films)
  • Pixar
  • Rialto Entertainment
  • Roadshow Entertainment
  • Transmission Film
  • UIP
  • United Artists
  • Universal
  • Village Roadshow
  • Walt Disney Pictures
  • Warner Brothers

Roadshow also handles licensing for Defiant Screen Entertainment

Roadshow supplies DVDs at a cost of $11 each if you don’t own a copy of the film you want to screen.

The fee that Roadshow charges for permission to screen DVDs varies according to the size of the film society’s audience

If your organisation has 32 or fewer members you will pay $40 + GST (total $44) per screening. Societies with membership between 33 and 82 will pay $50 + GST (total $55), per screening.

Larger societies will pay more; those with memberships between 83 and 166 will pay $75 + GST per screening, while those between 167 and 332 will pay $100 + GST. Above 332 members the cost is subject to negotiation.


You can check a lot of their catalogue here:

Contact:  Virginia O’Conner on email: Virginia_OConnor @ roadshow. com. au

Amalgamated Movies

Amalgamated movies is the second biggest distributor in Australia. They have the largest range of 16mm film in Australia. For AFSF members only, Amalgamated offers a special price of $60 for a 16mm film This consists of $35 for screening right and $25 for Postage of the film.

For screenings rights to show a DVD they offer a film society discount of approximately $82.50 for screening rights. They do have a sliding scale depending on the size of your group. The prices are:
• 1-80 Members $75
• 81-120 Members $120
• 121-150 Members $150

Amalgamated also supplies DVDs for rent if you don’t own a copy of the film you want to screen.  The cost of postage varies depending on whether it is sent overnight or by regular post. Currently regular post is $5.

You can contact them to obtain screening rights with:

  • Madman
  • Sony
  • Columbia Pictures
  • Tristar Pictures
  • Screen Gems
  • Ronin Films
  • Lime Light Distribution

Contact: is through their website  or

Head Office/Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania, Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia:
Steve Snell,
Ph: (07) 4787 1086
Email: stevens @ amalgamated

New South Wales:
Lorraine Paton,
Ph: 0425 293 030
Email: lorrainepaton 1@ bigpond. com

Accent Film Entertainment

Website: ttps://

Contact:  Peter Campbell by phone on +614 1220 3373 or by email on info @ accent

Screening fee for film societies is $50 + GST per each screening

Antidote Films


Contact: Ruari Elkington by phone on (07) 3262 2009 or by email on ‘ruari @ antidotefilms.’

Aztec International


Contact: Claire by email on claire @ aztecinternational. com. au

Beyond Home Entertainment


Contact: Contact via the Website


Contact: info @cinema

Curious Film


Contact: Nick Curac on nick @ curious film .com or (02) 85655000

Film Art Media


Contact: Film Art Media at info @ filmartme

Hi Gloss Entertainment

Hi Gloss Entertainment has a catalogue that consists mostly of Italian and French cinema and feature documentaries. Contact Andrew Goode on 0466 993 254 or andrew @ higlossentertainment.


Hopscotch Films

Hopscotch films can be booked through Roadshow. As well as offering the $55 rate for DVD screenings they also offer digital media and 35mm at a flat rate of $300. They don’t give a discount on these because they believe these formats are used “commercially”.


Maslow Entertainment

Maslow Entertainment are unable to provide any information regarding a discount for film societies or a commercial rate. It is decided on a case by case basis.


Contact Marc Wooldridge at Marcwooldridge @maslowentertain or by phone on 0423 607 140

Palace Films


Contact: Tony Zrna by phone on 03 9816 1717 or 0402181016 or by email on tony. zrna @ palacefilms .com. au

Information on pricing can be obtained by contacting Palace Films

Park Circus

While Park Circus intends to make their films as accessible as possible, giving discounts to film societies (as well as their commercial rate) is decided on a case by case basis.


Contact: Chris Smith on Chris. smith @ parkcircus .com or

Pivot Pictures

Websites: and

Contact: Erica Enriquez-Cemente on erica @ pivot pictures. com. au or on 0410 664 27

Potential Films

(Formerly known as Chapel Distribution)

The distributor of RKO movies in Australia

The cost of films from potential can vary depending on the size of your group


Contact: Mark Spratt by phone on (03) 9328 5000 or by email on ‘mark @ potentialfilms. com’

Ronin Films


Their Film Catalogue is here:

Contact: Craig McConnell by phone on 02 6248 0851 or by email on orders @ ronin films .com .au

Ronin charges film societies $75 for screening rights



Contact: Katharine Thornton by phone on (03) 9826 9077 or by email on ‘Katharine @ sharmillfilms.’

Studio Canal


Contact: Andrew Wolfe by email on andrew .ro lfe@ studio canal.c om

Titan View


Contact: John L Simpson by phone on  (02) 8819 6724 or by email on ‘john @ titanview. com’

Umbrella Entertainment

Umbrella Entertainment has a screening web portal. This page includes the films that are available and a Booking Enquiry Form.

Be Advised: In 2023 Umbrella increased the amount that it charges film societies from $50 to $82.50 for most films. Their new charges are based on attendance numbers and are listed below:

  • 0-99 attendance – $75 + GST
  • 100 – 199 attendance – $100 + GST
  • 200+ attendance – To be negotiated on a case by case basis.
Contact: Theatrical @umbrella.