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Goblin Film Society

Our screenings are a celebration of the ill-conceived, ridiculous and fun. We show an assortment of movies from the trashy to the stylish. From b-grade action movies and weird horror to auteur madness and stylish Giallo.

We aim for a fun night of movies, discussion and the occasional dramatic re-enactment.
Memberships are available for three to twelve months.

For more details contact Dominic at goblin screenings (extra spaces have been added to avoid spam)

Kings Valley Arts Film Club

The King Valley Arts (KVA) Film Club aims to screen diverse, beautiful and thought-provoking films for the King Valley community.

The KVA Film Club will screen six (6) films a year, on the second Tuesday night, bi-monthly at the Cheshunt Hall (454 King Valley Road, Chestnut, VIC). Doors open 7pm for a screening start at 7.30pm.

You can visit their website for more information on the King Valley Arts Film Club website

Old Gazzette Film Society

The Old Gazette Film Society (OGFS) is a sub-committee of the Dorrigo Dramatic Club Inc and screens films once a month at the community owned and run Old Gazette Theatre, Hickory Street Dorrigo. The OGFS has been screening films since 2016, offering a diverse selection of films for our community’s entertainment. We offer refreshments prior to the screenings where film lovers can catch up over a coffee, tea, wine and nibblies. Membership is per calendar year, visit our web page for more information:

The OGFS also organises an annual sustainability film festival in Dorrigo each year (Back to Eden Film Festival) over the Easter long weekend, to find out more check out our 2022 program:

Screening films from Netflix

There is no avenue for getting screening permission for any films on Netflix with the exception of documentaries for educational screenings.

Other than these, a film screening to film society members is considered a public performance and is forbidden.

However, documentary films that are marked on the website as educational and as having a certain licensing can be screened by community groups (which Netflix considers film societies to be).

The conditions are;

  1. You are allowed one screening which means one film on one day, not the same film twice or two films on the same day.
  2. The film must be supplied by the Netflix streaming service by someone with a subscription (not using a DVD).
  3. By a not for-profit-group (which Film societies are).
  4. You are not allowed to use the Netflix logo at all.

You can find more information here Educational Screenings of Documentaries