Parkes Film Society

The Parkes Film Society is a Not for Profit Organisation and has the following aims.

  • To encourage interest within the community of Parkes in films as an art form by means of the exhibition of films of all kinds.
  • To promote the study and appreciation of films by means of lectures, discussions, exhibitions and publications.
  • To provide a means of bringing the community together in the spirit of goodwill.

The Parkes Film Society is organised by a committee elected by the members annually. Currently the founding committee has been established to realise the Parkes Film Society. The committee members are all local residents.

Participation in the committee and attendance at society screenings is open to all residents of Parkes Shire through a low cost membership fee. The membership fee covers screening rights for the film and associated costs of hall hire. Membership is available in 3 month, 6 month or annual blocks. Members can suggest films they want to see to the programming sub committee. Films chosen can be from any era in the history of cinema providing the Australian non theatrical screening rights are available.

The benefits will be to provide cinematic and cultural experience for the residents of Parkes as there are no longer any cinemas in operation in Parkes or Forbes. The film society does not aim to compete with cinemas and its purpose is not to screen latest releases, rather it is to foster an appreciation of film as an art form within the community.

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