Taree Film Society

The Taree Film Society is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers to bring diversity of film to the Manning and to encourage appreciation and discussion of film in a regular social atmosphere.
The Society started in 1995 and has been going for 24 years, making it one of the oldest film societies in Australia.
Our subscription season runs from July to June. There are 18 screenings a year plus coffee cakes and chatting for $120 !
Contact Details

Phone 02 6552 3476

email: tareefilmsociety@yahoo.com.au

Website:  Taree Film Society

1 thought on “Taree Film Society

  1. Margo

    Hi, I’m interested in joining in some of the fun and wondered what the mentioned $90. will cover. Is this an annual fee for all film screenings?
    Thank you margo


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