Illawara Film Society


The aim of the IFS is not just about seeing films but also about the pleasure of seeing independent and arthouse films on the big screen and in the company of others.

Our members have the opportunity and the pleasure of catching art house films right here in Wollongong. We hope that the Illawarra Film Society (IFS) will become a focal point for the social and cultural life here.

We show a range of film genres to suit everyone’s cinematic taste – from independent, foreign, arthouse to home-grown films, as well as a selection of classics.

Membership is limited but every year we are able to offer 30 Films for $90.

Theresa Huxtable 0421 655 149
Tracey McClintock 0497 091 343

Check out or website Illawara Film Society

All Films Screened at 7pm on Sundays at Greater Union Cinemas Burelli Street, Wollongong.


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