A response to the misinformation spread by ACOFS

 We have received advice that a spam email from ACOFS and a new ‘NSW Federation’ is circulating among members.

A seperate email has gone out on this subject but the main points are worth repeating here:

1. Madman titles

You have always been able to access Madman titles through Amalgamated Movies, and you can still book them with Amalgamated (Google: www.amalgamatedmovies.com, or refer to recent issues of our IN FILM newsletter). Late last year we commenced discussions with Madman about booking their titles for our members, but with ACOFS and Amalgamated already in the field, we felt it was a bit overcrowded. Now that ACOFS have withdrawn the facility (without letting us know), we’ll be getting back to Madman. Watch this space.

2. DVD Rights

Because you are a legitimate film society, you are entitled to any concession that is made available by any participating distributor.  

The 1 January 2013 arrangement between ACOFS and Roadshow is not exclusive. We have exactly the same arrangement in place with Roadshow.

Amalgamated, Madman and other distributors have not changed their DVD/BluRay concessional rate, which is still $50 + GST ($5) = $55, regardless of membership.

If a film society can demonstrate to a distributor that it is not-for-profit, subscription based and doesn’t charge for admission, it is eligible to access that distributor’s DVD concessional rate, regardless of whether the society is a member of a federation or not. We have always been upfront on this point but societies benefit from the Federation doing the work on their behalf.

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