New membership year

In the next day or two all members will receive a letter containing information, and a membership renewal form.

Our new membership year starts on 1 July and runs until 30 June next year. This means that all subscriptions need to be paid by 30 June (there will a period of grace to allow for any unexpected glitches in the new system).

Unlike previous years, you don’t have to make any calculations, because all societies now pay the same amount, $50, regardless of how many members you have. And you can now do everything online, so the whole process can be completed in just a few minutes.

As in previous years, the renewal process is in two parts.

Part 1. Complete a membership renewal form. This can be done online  You can also use the form attached to the letter referred to above or print the form from our electronic form page.

Part 2. Pay your membership subscription. This can be done by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or by cheque. If you pay by cheque, it has to be mailed to the treasurer.

We believe the changes, especially the option to do everything online, will make life a lot easier for everyone. And our treasurer will be eternally grateful if you can make your payment by EFT.

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